Social Media is mainstream in today’s online world and is the perfect gateway for online marketing and customer engagement.

Resort Marketing 101 has been using many forms of social media long before the days of FaceBook and Twitter, so we have an edge on how audiences are acquired, kept and engaged. Then we take that user engagement as part of an online marketing funnel, and guide that traffic to your product sales and lead capture pages.

Facebook services from Resort Marketing 101

With FaceBook having achieved over 2 BILLION users, your next sale is out there.

Resort Marketing 101 will:

  • Grow your Likes, with real people,
  • Open up FaceBook insights for tracking user engagement and learn what your audience responds to.
  • We will then plan special promotions for FaceBook to drive opt in traffic to your site.

Twitter is a fast paced community with a large number of users that supply an endless stream of updates and sharable content. Twitter is a great place to give your niche it’s own special click of followers that will love to retweet everything you have to say!

With Twitter we will:Twitter services from Resort Marketing 101

  • Search Twitter bios to find you new connections.
  • Compare accounts to find common relationships and target new influencers.
  • Separate followers by location, bio, who they follow, and more.
  • Contrast your relationships with your competitors and friends.
  • Match your activities to gains and losses in followers to give your followers what they like best.

Google Plus services from Resort Marketing 101Google+ is a social media platform that is growing far beyond expectations. Google has also put a significant amount of focus integrating Google+ profile information as part of its search algorithm.  Another very important key to Google+ is Google Authorship as this helps build instant trust.



Orangehat will:

  • Brand your Google+ Profile and setup RSS automation of blog posts
  • Build your circles
  • Setup Authorship for your brand or even you to enhance your search results even more!

While we highlight FaceBook, Twitter and Google+, we by no means stop there. There are many social bookmarking websites, like Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Digg, that we submit your content to so that your site will have a nice flow of web traffic.
Stumbleupon is a great social sharing site. Resort Marketing 101 love it. Resort Marketing 101 will share you content on Digg

2013 saw an explosion in digital marketing and social media is the foundation of the trend.

Don’t get left behind.

Call us today!Pinterest services from Resort Marketing 101 are great for eCommerce!