Where SEO Meets Design: Best Practices For Optimizing Conversions

CRO can easily be given a title for probably most infamous acronym on the Web.

That is, if you ask anyone who is running his store online and who is desperately running through materials and materials of blog posts about conversion rates, optimizing traffic, search engine optimization and such on an hourly basis.

Oh yeah, that solemn moment of another checkout finished and another person subscribed to what you are selling and making your living out of (probably). From giving birth to an idea of business to people actually coming to your store and buying your product – you’ve come a loooooong way baby (credits to Fatboy Slim).

Ok, wisecracks aside, what are you really here to read are some tips on how to make most of those people that you attracted to visit your store actually buy something and leave you with another zero added to your account.

You ain’t spending all of your resources on SEO tactics for nothing! You’ll have to make all of these peeps that you lured onto your site feel comfortable about using it, feel amused by your product and feel like spending their dime on it. So what should you do?

Know thy audience

First off (and this isn’t a cliche, don’t give me that look!) there is no given path! There are tons and millions of ’’professional’’ tips on how to convert a visitor to a buyer but, guess what – it just won’t work for you if you don’t know your audience.

Either you are running a betting portal, selling baby accessories or computer hardware – you will have to go make your very own route and the path to a customer (and his wallet). And right here is where one of the most fundamental details kicks in – design.

Forget about all the unwritten and written rules in the world of online marketing, forget about recommended button colors, font sizes, layouts, 3 click rules and stuff.. just forget it! If you want to customize UX on your website so people who can potentially be really interested in your product can feel comfortable browsing your site, you will have to work hard on your looks. And it would be very useful to have a good companion like Rumr by your side.

Analyze – Test – Implement

At this point, you already made research on your target audience. You know what is their age structure, demographics, you know what they do or don’t like to see when they open a certain web page. You know whether they prefer to shop right away, are they vary of three-column layout, do they like drop-down menus.

Maybe they like to read some testimonials before they decide and go for the checkout? Let’s assume you know all this by now and you already designed a website in a way that will be most appealing to your target audience. What now?

Test it!

There is no better way of making a right choice than seeing an actual test result. Because it’s most of the time just trial and error in life. Make, for instance, 4 test pages and versions of your store and distribute it randomly to random visitors who open your web page.

Then follow how many of them actually converted to users, and on what test page did that happen. Of course, you should go for the one that comes out with highest conversion ratio. This shows that your visitors fancy that particular page design.

Implement it, make a test version live, sit back, and watch your subscription numbers grow.

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