Google Stresses On Good SEO Strategies… Again

There is no way around good SEO

Ever since SEO has become the most potent weapon for Internet marketers, there have been thousands of people trying find out new ways to trick the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and have engaged in, what can be at best called shady practices, to get better search engine page ranks. While the primary objective of any content marketing strategy or social media marketing is to eventually create a dominating presence in the virtual world, especially in search results, yet the route taken by SEO experts or content marketing specialists cannot be questionable or illegitimate in the eyes of Google.

There had been a lot of speculation recently that Google penalizes sites that are critical of Google or speak unfavorably about Google’s services, principles and policies. Matt Cutts has clarified that Google has no such policy of penalizing a site that is critical of the company or the search engine giant’s policies but he reiterated that repeat offenders with the clear intention of violating the norms set out by Google Webmaster Guidelines would certainly fall under the scanner and might be hammered down.

It has to be seen from the perspective of websites being devastated because no SEO strategy, content marketing idea or social media dominance can make a tinge of a difference if Google decides to penalize a site and brings its ranking crashing down. Having said that, there have been SEO practices that used names of the likes of Google and other reputed sites or companies to squeeze through the search engine algorithms and get a higher ranking, not by the virtue of content or the ranking of the site but with the help of the presence of essential words that people look for.

Google is all out to penalize all sites that do not have good SEO strategies and if you are working on content marketing or a new SEO strategy, stay in line with Google’s policies.

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